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I heard in an interview that you, Miss Diana Ross, visit the websites which are dedicated to you. Here is my personal notice to you!

Dear Miss Diana Ross,

I know if I write questions here, I would wait forever for the answers. So here are some suggestions I would like to see happen.

You and your company should try to release "Diana Ross live at Central Park" with lots of background info and interviews of that very special event. It was the biggest show of your life, so it should be on DVD. Also release the open-air-concert, which you did in Australia in 1992 (or 1991). I've seen some clips on YouTube (very good). A lot of artists release concert DVDs from recent tours. Why not you??

Please print in your upcoming tour programs: Concert photos from that current concert show. Dedicate 2 pages of your tourbook to your back-up musicans. Show pictures of your band members with their names and also a little bit of info about every musican. The readers are very interested in knowing who has worked for you! Honestly, without your live band you can not be live on stage. Please show them respect in your tour programs.

When I look at the setlists of your concert tours since 2004, I feel like there was only 1 concert. Because 98% of the setlist is the same. I understand, that you want to perform '20% or your greatest hits (if you perform every hit, then your show would have been a duration of 10 hours)' for your audience. Honestly, don't you think that your audience is also interested in songs, which you haven't performed in 1 or 2 decades? I'm sure nobody will be disappointed if you perform "It's My Turn", "Eaten Alive" or "Pieces Of Ice" or another 'lost hit song' of yours. And please kick the following songs from your setlists for upcoming shows: "I'm Coming Out", "Why Do Fools Fall In Love", "Chain Reaction", "The LSTB Medley" and "I Will Survive".

In my opinion you should perform only in venues with 10.000 or more people. The name "Diana Ross" is, for me, a very big name in the music business. Other big artists like Rod Stewart, Eric Clapton, Elton John and Stevie Wonder still perform in the biggest concert venues around the world (and that with no hit record in years). Do yourself a favor and from now on don't perform in a casino or a theatre. The name "Diana Ross" is big, and should perform in venues like Madison Square Garden, Staples Center, MGM Garden, Tokyo Dome, Air Canada Centre, O2 Arena London,etc. Very important notice: When you perform in the big arenas, please stay on a normal stage, no round-stage (I hate this stage so extremly, that I can't describe it in words).

Mostly you tour in USA and Europe. You have fans all around the world, who have never seen you live in concert. Please do them a favor and go to their countries too. Please go on tour in Latin America with countries like Mexico, Cuba, Peru, Columbia, Venezuela, Panama, Brazil, Chile, Argentina etc. Ask your musican friends, who have already toured in that area, about the audiences there. They are the greatest in the world, because people from Latin America are more emotional than in other places of the world. Also do not forget to go to Asia, Australia and Africa.

You should tour with a support-act, give talented new artists the chance to perform for a bigger audience. Or choose a local band in every city in which you perform. I like support-acts a lot, because the most of them are fabulous.

In your concerts, please allow the audience to film you. I saw a show of yours in 2007 and there wasn't a problem taking videos. But I've read remarks from your concert goers that you won't allow this now, because the clips could be uploaded on YT and you don't get payed by YT! Diana, YouTube is a great medium to support you. I've discovered good bands on YT, which I didn't know before and because of this I decided to go to their concerts. YT is very supportive to artists. Imagine someone, who has never heard about you (sadly, I know, there a some people in the world) or someone who thought you've allready retired, see a new powerful clip of you and get interested in you.

Do you know, without YouTube, Arnel Pineda would not be the new leadsinger in the superstar rockband "Journey". And I must say, without YouTube, I would not know about the great Japanese Rockbands "X Japan" and "Luna Sea" and that would be a very big loss for me.

If you really don't want this great support by YT, then please allow filming in your concert shows for private use only! Concert tix are becoming so very expensive that, I think, it's good to have such a great memory like a selfmade videoclip from a concert of yours (and also other artists).

In my opinion you should release an album with a sound, you've never done before. Release a complete album in a rock sound (rock ballards would be okay).

Here are some examples for cover songs: Love Hurts (Nazareth), Still Loving You (Scorpions), Love Song (Tesla), Without You (Mötley Crüe), Angel (Judas Priest), Unforgiven (Metallica), Faithfully (Journey), I Want To Know What Love Is (Foreigner), Patience (Guns N' Roses), Anthem (Kamelot), Forever Love (X Japan), Nymphetamine Fix (Cradle Of Filth) and some new songs in a rock ballard style.

Do collaborations with the following top musicans: A duet with your buddy Meat Loaf, written and produced by Jim Steinman. A duet with Arnel Pineda and Neal Schon should play the guitar. Another duet with Toshi, written and produced by Yoshiki. A song which is written and produced by Nikki Sixx, he should also play the bass and Tommy Lee should play the drums. Allow Ian Anderson to play his flute on one song. Work also with the guitar players Yngwie Malmsteen, Zakk Wylde, Joe Satriani and Ross The Boss and let Rick Wakeman play the keyboards. Have most of these songs written and produced by Desmond Child. I guarantee, that this new sound will attract a lot of new DR fans and will bring you back to the top.

On the following "Rock 'N' Ross Concert Tour" only wear hot rock 'n roll clothes (keep the clothes of your previous tours in your closet, rock fans might be shocked if they saw you in those ones).

I would like to see you in a Private Show, in which I want to see and hear you in 3 parts like I've written below:

Please wear the long haired wig 80s-style (btw, when you wear this wig you look years younger than you are). Also, please use black eye makeup around your beautiful black eyes and full red lipstick.

I want as your background band: 3 guitar players, 2 drummers, 1 bass player and 1 keyboarder.

1.) Acoustic (Unplugged)

Clothes: Please wear a pair of white trousers together with a white jacket.

- Fool For Your Love
- The Best Years Of My Life
- (I Love) Being In Love with You
- Summertime
- Your Love
- It's My Turn
- Goin' Back
- Take My Breath Away
- What A Difference A Day Makes
- I Thought It Took A Little Time (But Today I Fell In Love)
- One More Chance
- Cryin' My Heart Out For You
- Stay With Me
- To Love Again
- Do You Know Where You're Going To
- Home
- Somewhere

2.) Duet Songs Together With The Leadsinger Of A Support Act (I do not know, who it will be at the moment, but a fantastic concert like THIS should also have a kick a** support-act).

Clothes: Please wear a pair of trousers together with a jacket in the color of your choice.

- Reach Out And Touch (Walk in Audience)
- Brand New Day
- All Of You
- I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
- You Are Everything
- Fool For Your Love (Duet Version)
- Wish I Had An Angel (Orginal by Nightwish ft. Tarja Turunen)
- Close My Eyes Forever (Orginal by Ozzy Osbourne & Lita Ford)
- Pledging My Love
- Endless Love

3.) Rough Rock Sound (Replace Synthesizers with E-Guitars)

Clothes: Please wear blue jeans and a t-shirt from Eddie (the mascot of Iron Maiden) and sport shoes.

- Take Me Higher
- You Were The One
- Up Front
- Eaten Alive
- Force Behind The Power
- Stop! In The Name Of Love
- Ain't No Mountain High Enough
- He Lives In You
- Who
- Shine
- Pieces Of Ice
- Love Hangover
- Ninety Nine And Half
- Work That Body
- Until We Meet Again
- No Gods, No Masters (Orginal by Arch Enemy)
- Fool For Your Love

Please 3 Songs (or more) of your choice as an Encore

Also important, talk a little bit to the audience. You can tell them about your last breakfast and what have you dreamed the night before and other cool stuff. Maybe you also tell some good jokes, if you know any?

If you want to shorten, this very special show, for some reason then that's okay, but "Fool For Your Love" must be on the setlist, because this kick a** song is my favorite Diana Ross song!

I want the Private Diana Ross concert to be my last Diana Ross Concert, because for me personally, I'm sure you could never be better after that special show! Any following show, would only destroy the experience. I had the huge pleasure of dancing with you in 1994 on stage during the whole song of "Upside Down" (about 4 minutes). My big mistake was to go to other Diana Ross shows after that concert and it destroyed the experience.

From 1985 till 1997, I was a big fan of yours. But my taste in music changed, so I am not as big a fan as I used to be. I still consider you as The Queen Of Soul and as an amazing great Entertainer. You are really a powerful woman with 3 beautiful daughters and 2 sons of your own. Honestly, I do not know another woman who is in show business and has given birth to 5 kids and still has a good working career. Also you are one of the greatest female singing voices on earth and the greatest female live performer. You are definitely the only female live performer in the Top 10, Top 20, Top 30 etc. of all the greatest live performers in the world. Male live performers are much better in regard to the quality of the performance. But you are really something special!! Only Sir Mick Jagger & The Rolling Stones top you, as a live performer.

Congratulation, that you got the Grammy Lifetime Archievement Award in 2012 (I'm really happy for you and I mean that)!

I wish you good health and try to be on stage as long as possible.


A Fan Of Fabulous Live Performers Like You Are